Some of my key Accomplishments are as follows:

  • developed manufacturing manuals with drawings and Bill of Materials for full line of existing products fully designed Wood Core impact gasketed doors with ABS shell for Wal-Mart Canada
  • designed retractable airplane inflatable seals with thermal resistant panels for Air Canada
  • designed guide track assembly for showroom car elevator doors for BMW using modified   garage door openers
  • designed multi-unit retractable rail shelters with fold-away guide tracks for Vortex Industries in California,   provided installation instructions
  • Solved problem with door in wind tunnel for Maple Leaf (Kitchener) by designing magnetized lead edges and spring-loaded return mechanisms for fabric doors
  • designed oversized MRI  inflatable seal with multi-track mount and pulley system for Corry Memorial Hospital in Pennsylvania
  • designed food-grade rivet-less fabric door exclusively for Schneiders Kitchener